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New Odarid Dog

That's right we have a 14week old Golden Retreiver called Kara to add to the mayhem of our household. Three boys plus one rampant dog. Oh and the cat who slapped the dog into quick submission. Even took over its inside day bed! Thank the lord we have Odarid at hand as she does the random pee inside. The house has taken on the aroma of dog. We are about...

How does Odarid remove urine stains and odours

Odarid is designed to eat uric acid and salt found in urine accidents. The product recommended is Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover Cat urine contains 3 main components that need to be neutralised correctly to avoid cat urine odor from forming Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover is designed for old urine stains in carpet and to stop urine stains before they start. Also to neutralise cat and dog...


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New Odarid Dog
New Odarid Dog