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Hi Craig here from Odarid. I designed this product to use when a certain ginger haired cat, who shall remain nameless, does her morning ablution in a dirt tray near the entrance to my office!!.
She is a real stinker and thanks to Roomfresh I don't get...... how should we say, choked up anymore?
Rosa Connelly

RoomFresh our natural based room freshener sucks up odour like a vacuum cleaner!. Based on natural charcoal and our secret blend of essential oils, RoomFresh has a almost addictive light fragrance. It is an awesome product and is unique to NZ. I use it every day and it works, I can guarantee it..

RoomFresh. Our charcoal based natural odour neutraliser with a subtle fragrance

Charcoal based room and furniture spray
No sickly fragrances
(contains natural Glenbrook lavender)
Based on natural charcoal to absorb odours
Contains natural bacteria eliminators
Unique product for NZ (Nothing like it on the market)
Absorbs all odours
Can be sprayed on pets fur, bedding, & furniture
Safe to use around animals and humans

Perfect to freshen a room and remove odours, or spray directly onto your pet, bedding, furniture, or inside the car to neutralise odours and pongy fur smells.

RoomFresh is a beautiful purifying fragrance and ABSORBS ALL SMELLS

Money back warranty


Tired of smelly pet areas??
Has your Dog rolled in something very unpleasant??
How about your cat.. just done a whoopsie in the litter tray just as the guests are arriving??
Simple solution..............