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Carpet Acid Rinse

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NZ made textile acid rinse

Save money by NZ Made quality products

Discover the secret to maximum clean, minimum residue carpet cleaning. Our all fibre rinse is so versatile it can be used as an after-spray or rinse agent. It neutralises carpet/upholstery fibre alkalinity and bonds to detergent residues for a terrific finish. A uniquely fragranced fibre rinse used by commercial operators to stabilise colours, soften carpet and prevent browning.


The product can also be used as a browning agent treatment. Dilute at 20-1 and spray area. Wait 10 minutes and then extract carpet.

Also suited to stabilise alkaline based detergents in carpets and suitable for hot water extraction and "3-in-1" carpet cleaning machines. It can be used on wool, synthetic carpets and rugs to help prevent most colour bleed and browning problems.

The product cleans effectively, removes staining and leaves wool carpet feeling incredibly soft and smelling clean

Contains gentle plant acid and surfactants that are kind to equipment and provide superior cleaning on carpets and furniture

Add 20ml of Acid Rinse to 5 litres of hot water in the machine solution tank (1 part Acid Rinse to 250 parts water). Follow machine operating instructions for cleaning
For browning treatment dilute at 20-1 and prespray affected area. Wait 10 minutes then extract ,
This is a fantastic product and will enhance your customers carpets