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Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Removers (select a size)


****New advanced formulation****  New Zealands leading NZ made pet urine odour neutraliser How do you completely remove cat or dog pee odours and stains from your carpet, furniture, concrete, vehicle, entrance way - instantly, and effortlessly?... no fuss required.  No matter how old the urine is.....ANNOUNCING A PRODUCT ACCLAIMED AS ONE OF THE BEST DISCOVERIES IN RECENT DECADES.Odarid Pet Stain and Odour remover Odarid...
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****New advanced formulation**** 
New Zealands leading NZ made pet urine odour neutraliser

How do you completely remove cat or dog pee odours and stains from your carpet, furniture, concrete, vehicle, entrance way - instantly, and effortlessly?... no fuss required.  No matter how old the urine is.....

Odarid Pet Stain and Odour remover

  • Odarid is NZ made and more effective and economical than imported products
  • Odarid is environmentally safe, non toxic  and easy to use
  • Odarid works in just 30 seconds to destroy cat urine odour no matter how old
  • Odarid is used neat and designed to penetrate deep into carpet layers and totally destroy cat and dog pee instantly and permanently
  • Odarid uses the latest global technology in urine neutralising. Something the competition will not be able to catch up to for many years to come if at all
  • Odarid has a money back warranty
  • Odarid is 100% biodegradeable
  • Odarid can be used as neat as spot stain treatment for blood, faeces, vomit stains and most organic odours and stains
  • Odarid can be used on all surfaces *Spot test first
  • Odarid can be used in a wet vac machine to clean dirt from carpet. Always spot treat urine  contaminations first using the product neat then use at a dilution of 250 -1 in a carpet cleaner for removing dirt from carpet
  • Odarid used neat foams when it hits urine or faeces so makes it very easy to find the contamination without having to get down and sniff the area on your knees!
    Odarid Stripey
  • Odarid can be used on carpet, mattresses, grout, grass, furniture, clothing, hedges/garden, wood and even your favourite golf shoes! 

    Our new formulation product destroys the uric acid in old urine and stops the odour permanently. We use this for our commercial cleaning in carpets and rental properties and it really works. We also use it on human and pet faeces, urine, fridges that have been turned off with meat in them, milk in vehicles and so on.

16th Sept 2010
Dear Craig and John,


Thank you for your prompt help and fantastic product.  Our house gets visited by a stray (outside but it has also come in via cat flap) and one of our cats has become territorial, spraying SOMEWHERE down our hallway and main tiled entrance.  I had been down on hands and knees trying to locate where she had sprayed and eventually washed the hallway/entrance walls twice over as well as mopping AND spraying with a vinegar solution.  However, the revolting smell was so pungent one night we just couldn\'t believe it as the hall had become a cat free zone. Desperate I googled cat stench!!  The Odarid video clips were a godsend, mirroring our problem exactly. I couldn\'t get my hands on some fast enough.  After gently going over the entrance and hall length we discovered (due to the foaming) the cat had peed against a dracaena potplant!!  It had become pungent when I had unknowingly watered it, also the mopping had obviously let it run into the tile grouting so without the foaming we would never have known.  What a huge relief.  The fragrance is lovely, the product worked, we are very grateful and happy.  Thanks so much.


Regards, Lisa Hamilton CHCH

Old Cat Urine in carpet
Hi there, several months ago I got some of your cat wee cleaner as we had an
old cat and I was sort of preempting the inevitable, however I didn't
actually need to use it till now, and it's not the old cat, but our boy
who's nose is out of joint as we have a new dog. He started to spray...a lot!
Your product truly is a miracle - there is no smell at all after I've
cleaned up. I don't know what I'd have done without it these last couple
of weeks. So thank you.
Laura xx

Old Dog Urine in Carpet

Hi guys - thanks for sending me some of your odarid product recently - I
have never found anything so fantastic! We have a granny dog with arthritis and a
leakage problem and this product takes the smell out of the carpet no problem -
over summer we were fine as we could leave windows and doors open but
with the cooler weather approaching we had to shut everything and the
smell was driving us out of the room - we have tried all sorts of
products and home remedies and nothing was working. Odarid has allowed
us to sleep with no urine smell in the air!!! 

Carla Gini Te Awamutu


"I recently left my car window down and had the misfortune to have a stray cat urinate on the passenger’s carpet and foot mat. I used

on the carpet and the foot mat the next day and now the smell has completely gone ."

Kevin North Shore, Auckland

This product is nothing short of a miracle!  Our shaggy rug has been used as an indoor toilet stop for our 5 cats for  the last 6 months.  I have tried almost everything on the market to treat pet urine including the usual recommendations of vinegar, baking soda and several so called miracle substances.  Nothing had worked and I was always left with a slightly changed version of the original smell..  I was at my wits end and ready to throw out the rug as I considered it too contaminated to ever be cleaned.  I came across Odarid while trawling the internet for something I had not tried before and decided it was worth a shot.  I am embarassed to say that my poor rug was one of the worst cases Craig had come across so the result is miraculous!  I now have a very clean and fresh smelling rug - no trace of pee odour at all.  I am extremely impressed and would recommend this product to even the most sceptical.  This is the only product that has delivered as promised - I should know I have tried almost all of them!


Sheena Hall Papakura Auckand 

 Contact From ODARID NZ LTD

Tuesday 17th of May 2009 10:35:17 PM

I recent bought a villa which had yellow shag carpet, never been cleaned, previous tenants were 2 male cats and 2 dogs. I had to hold my hand over my mouth during the viewings because the smell of cat urine was so strong but it was in a good location and a bargain. I looked everywhere on line on how to get rid of the urine smell and the only advice I found was to use white vinegar. I\'d tried this before and it doesn\'t work. I also have 4 cats and knew once they smelled other cat\'s markings they would want to leave their own. Before moving in I  sprayed odarid on the skirtings and floors. The next day I was amazed - the smell had gone! My cats have moved in and didn\'t spray anywhere. Oderid is gold and worth every cent. Thanks!

Diane Fitzgerald



Contact From ODARID NZ LTD

  Hi Craig, I talked to you several weeks ago about a rental property in Christchurch that had severe pet urine damage and stench in the t&g flooring and skirtings. We have been really impressed by your Odorid product and John's expert and friendly manner. We are so incrediably relieved to have a stench free house back. I had never smelt anything like it before and was terrified despite best efforts a pee odour would always linger especially in the heavily saturated areas. I'll send a photo if I can figure out how! LoL. Many thanks Craig and pass on my appreciation to John. Cheers Sharon & Ian.



Ralph at Odarid NZ LtdMore Comments


"This stuff really works and it even works on my studs so it must be good."                   
Cheryl Blake (owner and breeder of Birmans at Adorabella Paeroa NZ).

"Odarid is the only product that I can find that works. Its is odourless which is why I like it and we use it regularly around the house when we have accidents. Great STUFF!!. I have also used the stain remover it is a brilliant product"   Liz Woodward Lower Hutt NZ

I have seven cats, and now and then we have an accident. I have tried everything on the market and nothing works as well as Odarid for getting rid of the smell totally. Its so easy to use and so effective. I will be an Odarid fan for ever!             Pat Wanganui NZ

Ok I didnt think this would work I WAS WRONG , has worked on a back pack , sleeping bag, carpet , and saved the cat from being put down. Lesley Christchurch




This 2 litre pack is designed to smash urine components in 30 seconds without damaging carpet or furnishings. Simply  douse the affected area and walk away. Odarid does all the rest while you relax. Below is a mat contaminated with old urine. Note the foaming as the product is working. Once the foaming stops the product has finished working.


Odarid worjking on old urine in a doormat




How to use Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover.

First clean area as best you can. Remove any residual wastes and give area a heavy spray application. Soak up with towels and leave to dry. 
The product is an excellent cleaner also and is gentle to use. You can use it through a wet vac on carpet and furniture but all contaminations need spot treating first if there is a
urine issue . Douse these areas with the Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover and walk away

The product goes to work straight away destroying the uric acid, salt and all bacteria and residues. It keeps working when you don't

This unique product has a 3 in one action for old and new urine, faeces, milk, meat odours and any organic odour.