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Ozone Generator / Machine . Air Purification Odourmate 310

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Odours are caused by airborne molecules given off by bacteria, moulds, mildew, spores, toxins and many others. Unlike fragrances which merely mask the odour, the OdourMate-3 destroys the offending compounds through oxidisation with ozone. This machine produces ozone or ‘enriched’ oxygen with a little electricity from the air. Ozone is a highly effective de-odourising agent. It is also a sanitising agent, stronger than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, killing any bacteria, virus, mould and fungus. Yet, despite this, it is a gas so natural reverting back to oxygen without leaving any harmful chemical byproducts.
The machine is robust and simple to operate. Place the machine in the treatment area, switch it on and let the ozone naturally remove the odours. Built with premium quality components, this machine will give years of economical
Ozone production on dry air 10 g/hr . Ozone Gas Flow Output 135 m3/hour. Dims 300 x 175 x 145mm Wght 3kg. Power Consumption 80 Watt Supply 220-240Vac /
Operating conditions 0-35 oC (non condensing) 75% Relative Humidity
Power Inlet IEC 3-pin male socket with 1.8m NZ/AUS power cord

Applications such as Car and Boat grooming, Hotel, Motels, Change rooms, Cooking and Smoking, Real estate home grooming, Cool store sanitizing, Food preparation area’s
Treats Smoke, Urine, Faeces, Decaying Organics, Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Fungus,Mildew Hydrogen sulfide, VOC’s and many more.
Ozone’s extremely high oxidization strength enables it to eliminate odours faster and more completely than any other agent
Ozone is generated at the point ofapplication, there is no handling or storage of dangerous chemical