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Vets Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant Non Fragranced

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Odarid. NZ"s leading odour and Sanitising Specialists since 2004. Manufactureres of proven anti virus and bacteria animal care disinfectants supplying Govt Pounds, kennels and Catteries nationwide

Proven, Popular, Economical

A common problem we see nationwide, is the need for veterinary practices to clean their floors with a product that does not upset the polish, yet is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses and remove dirt.

To meet this need we have designed a product specifically for this purpose. You asked for economy, cleaning ability and powerful virus and bacteria kill so we have made this one especially for you.



The product leaves the clinic smelling clean and knocks out a huge range of viruses and bacteria.

Dilute product at 60-1 with water for virus and bacteria elimination. That translates to just  26 cents per lit meaning our product is a very economical way of sanitising and cleaning your practice


Odarid Vets Floor Cleaner is a gentle to polish cleaner that contains a single chain and dual chain quat system. The formulation and chemical ingredients are from LONZA of Switzerland and a full efficacy report and EPA registration are available.

Vets Floor Cleaner Data Sheet

Vets Floor Cleaner dilutes with water to form an economical cleaner and disinfectant /sanitiser. It dilutes with water at 60 parts of water to one part of concentrate. Thats just 26 cents per litre

The product can also be used as a bench top spray to clean examination benches. The formulation has been tested on a large range of animal viruses and bacteria.