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Urine Master Plus 500ml - Home Use
Urine Master Plus 500ml - Home Use
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Category: Human Urine Spray
Price: $25.00

Pet Stain & Odour Remover 5Lt Non Fragranced
Pet Stain & Odour Remover 5Lt Non Fragranced
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Category: Cat& Dog Pet Stain & Odour Remover, Non Fragranced
Price: $95.00

Black Light & Fragranced 2 Litre Pet Stain & Odour Remover
Black Light & Fragranced 2 Litre Pet Stain & Odour Remover
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Category: Cat& Dog Pet Stain & Odour Remover, With Fragrance
Price: $79.00

Roomfresh 500ml
Roomfresh 500ml
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Category: Room Fresheners
Price: $25.00

Express Spray & Away 2.5litre Hose Pack
Express Spray & Away 2.5litre Hose Pack
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Category: Moss Lichen and Mould killer
Price: $59.00

Last Resort Old Urine Stain Remover
Last Resort Old Urine Stain Remover
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Category: Last Resort Carpet Stain Remover, Old Urine Stains
Price: $25.00

Dog Shampoo 100% Natural 1 Litre
Dog Shampoo 100% Natural 1 Litre
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Price: $29.00

Kennel & Hard Surface Hose Pack Cleaner 2.5Lt
Kennel & Hard Surface Hose Pack Cleaner 2.5Lt
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Category: Animal Care Disinfectants
Price: $39.00

Dog Odour Deodouriser 500ml
Dog Odour Deodouriser 500ml
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Category: Dog Odour Deodouriser
Price: $25.00

Odarid Puppy Safety Pet Pee Pack Deal **NEW**
Odarid Puppy Safety Pet Pee Pack Deal **NEW**
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Category: Puppy Pee Pack
Price: $110.00


Note! Four Seasons Pets/Pet Stock are NO longer stocking Odarid.
HOWEVER Complete Canine Care 4 Patrick St Onehunga NOW Stocking 500ml and 2litre Pet Stain & Odour Remover

****New advanced formulation****

New Zealands leading NZ made cat and dog urine smell remover

How do you completely remove cat or dog pee odours and stains from your carpet, furniture, concrete, vehicle, entrance way - instantly, and effortlessly?... no fuss and no hire machines required. No matter how old the urine is.....
Announcing a product acclaimed as one of the best discoveries in recent decades...


Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover
Available with fragrance or without fragrance




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Just douse the affected area and walk away
Discover the product the professionals use. Their trade secret for neutralising cat or dog urine, for removing stains and many other uses. Whats more you can have it delivered straight to your door. Pet urine odour need not be a problem anymore


Here are 6 reasons you should buy ODARID

1. Odarid contains the latest cutting edge technology combined with micro emulsion technology to completely destroy cat urine and dog urine effectively and instantly leaving you with a crystal clear smelling house. No more stink. Odarid eats uric acid and salt residues in old urine (does not matter how old) and will remove the odour. It also neutralises fresh urine instantly ensuring no residues remain to stain or create odour in the future

2. Odarid is NZ made, unique, highly effective and used by some of New Zealands toughest animal breeders and carpet cleaners to completely neutralise urine in just 30 seconds. It works on pet urine don't

3. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on Odarid which means you can buy with complete confidence. Many thousands of bottles of Odarid are sold in NZ each year with fantastic feedback

4. Our product is easy to use. Just pour it on and walk away. It's that easy. It works on pet don't

5. Odarid foams when it contacts urine, feaces, rotten milk, smelly proteins, and any organic contamination. This makes it easy to find the source of your odour contamination. Just spray Odarid onto a floor area and where it foams is the source of the contamination. Stinky residues vanish immediately. We get asked "how to get rid of cat urine smells" and the answer is Odarid for all pet urine odours. It works on cat urine smells and dog urine smells.

6. Odarid is environmentally friendly, non toxic, biodegradable, and 100% effective.


Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover hard at work breaking down uric acid and salt


The photo shows a mat that has been sprayed with a Odarid. Note the foaming on the urine contamination used in this case to identify the contaminated area. This would now be doused with Odarid to allow the product to soak in and eat the uric acid, common salts and the remaining residues to remove the smell instantly and destroy the urine

Are you fed up with cat or dog urine removal products that don't work?...........

.....the ones that smell nice but do absolutely nothing apart from making a sticky mess?

Our pet urine neutraliser product uses the latest cutting edge technology to completely destroy cat urine and dog urine effectively and instantly leaving you with a crystal clear smelling house.



At Odarid we have the know-how and solutions to eliminate your odour or sanitising problems.

We are specialists in cat and dog urine elimination, odour removal service, and use our products in the field daily.

All our products are manufactured by us and therefore every bottle carries my personal guarantee. We have sold many thousands of units and have a large database of satisfied clients both here in NZ and overseas.

Here is an example of the feedback we receive.

For more Odarid feedback click here

1st Oct 2013 
I have had a terrible large cat urine stain in my bedroom which has
gradually worsened over the past few years. Tried everything from carpet
cleaners to so called natural solutions. Nothing worked and I was certain I
would be losing my tenancy bond if I ever had to move from here.

A few weeks ago I read about Odarid and decided to have a try. In fact I was
so sceptical of the product I didn't even bother to take a "before" photo
although now I wish I had. After one initial application the stain had faded
and after two more applications over a fortnight it completely disappeared!

I just wanted to write to say how thrilled I was with Odarid and I will
definitely keep some in my cupboard from now on.

16th Sept 2010
Dear Craig and John,


Thank you for your prompt help and fantastic product.  Our house gets visited by a stray (outside but it has also come in via cat flap) and one of our cats has become territorial, spraying SOMEWHERE down our hallway and main tiled entrance.  I had been down on hands and knees trying to locate where she had sprayed and eventually washed the hallway/entrance walls twice over as well as mopping AND spraying with a vinegar solution.  However, the revolting smell was so pungent one night we just couldn\'t believe it as the hall had become a cat free zone. Desperate I googled cat stench!!  The Odarid video clips were a godsend, mirroring our problem exactly. I couldn\'t get my hands on some fast enough.  After gently going over the entrance and hall length we discovered (due to the foaming) the cat had peed against a dracaena potplant!!  It had become pungent when I had unknowingly watered it, also the mopping had obviously let it run into the tile grouting so without the foaming we would never have known.  What a huge relief.  The fragrance is lovely, the product worked, we are very grateful and happy.  Thanks so much.


Regards, Lisa Hamilton CHCH

Nadia August 2010

Thank you from the bottom of my precious Siameses\' heart for giving us a
product that actually works! As the previous Editor of Dogs Life maganzine I
thought I knew all the remedies to urine odour, until my cat started
spraying. We have done was getting so bad we even considered
giving our precious cat up for adoption as the smell was so bad and nothing
worked to stop him. Now we have a product that works 100% we can live with
our cats frequent spraying habbits. He is only allowed in at night, but will
still mark in our our relationship is not strained as we have
a product that works...really works...100% gets rid of the smell! THANK
GOODNESS! Thanks again for such a wonderful product! You\'ve allowed us to
live with the annoying habbit my precious cat has.

Tessa July 2010

Hi, Just want to say thank you to John your man in Christchurch, who made the house my daughter bought, able to be lived in.  The smell of cat urine in  the house the day she took over was unbelievable. Tried everything to get rid of the smell. We had got to the point of getting builder in to give quote for replacing the floor boards. Anyhow while searching the net one more time for a solution, came across your product. John said it was one of his  worst cases. But like he promised he got rid of it completely with Odarid.  Can not recommend this product enough.

This product is nothing short of a miracle! Our shaggy rug has been used as an indoor toilet stop for our 5 cats for the last 6 months. I have tried almost everything on the market to treat pet urine including the usual recommendations of vinegar, baking soda and several so called miracle substances. Nothing had worked and I was always left with a slightly changed version of the original smell.. I was at my wits end and ready to throw out the rug as I considered it too contaminated to ever be cleaned. I came across Odarid while trawling the internet for something I had not tried before and decided it was worth a shot. I am embarassed to say that my poor rug was one of the worst cases Craig had come across so the result is miraculous! I now have a very clean and fresh smelling rug - no trace of pee odour at all. I am extremely impressed and would recommend this product to even the most sceptical. This is the only product that has delivered as promised - I should know I have tried almost all of them!

Sheena Hall Papakura Auckand


Contact From ODARID NZ LTD
Thursday 23rd of July 2009 08:26:45 AM

Hi Craig, I talked to you several weeks ago about a rental property in Christchurch that had severe pet urine damage and stench in the t&g flooring and skirtings. We have been really impressed by your product and John's expert and friendly manner. We are so incrediably relieved to have a stench free house back. I had never smelt anything like it before and was terrified despite best efforts a pee odour would always linger especially in the heavily saturated areas. I'll send a photo if I can figure out how! LoL. Many thanks Craig and pass on my appreciation to John. Cheers Sharon & Ian. 

Contact From ODARID NZ LTD
Tuesday 17th of May 2009 10:35:17 PM
I recent bought a villa which had yellow shag carpet, never been cleaned, previous tenants were 2 male cats and 2 dogs. I had to hold my hand over my mouth during the viewings because the smell of cat urine was so strong but it was in a good location and a bargain. I looked everywhere on line on how to get rid of the urine smell and the only advice I found was to use white vinegar. I\'d tried this before and it doesn\'t work. I also have 4 cats and knew once they smelled other cat\'s markings they would want to leave their own. Before moving in I sprayed odarid on the skirtings and floors. The next day I was amazed - the smell had gone! My cats have moved in and didn\'t spray anywhere. Oderid is gold and worth every cent. Thanks!
Diane Fitzgerald

Saturday 04th of April 2009 09:00:47 PM
Craig is the man! We had
cat pee on the back seat of the car. We tried supermarket formulas & airing outside for about a month. Nothing worked....until....we found ODORID through google! We rang Craig's mob on the Sat am & he said we could bring it over straight away. His enthusiasm & friendliness were encouraging, and within 15 minutes, he had treated and cleaned our whole back seat! YOU ROCK CRAIG!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Definitely recommend his products to everyone and anyone!
Brittany & Vai, Pakuranga, April 09

Carla Gini Te Awamutu

Feedback form:This is an email, sent via
Hi guys - thanks for sending me some of your odarid product recently - I
have never found anything so fantastic! We have a granny dog with arthritis and a leakage problem and this product takes the smell out of the carpet no problem - over summer we were fine as we could leave windows and doors open but
with the cooler weather approaching we had to shut everything and the
smell was driving us out of the room - we have tried all sorts of
products and home remedies and nothing was working. Odarid has allowed
us to sleep with no
urine smell in the air!!!
Old Dog Urine in Carpet July 2008

Cat Urine In Car Seat August 2008
Having had experience with the enduring aroma of
cat urine in our previous house, and the many failed attempts at trying to eradicate it completely using various products that claim success in this area, I was more than a little upset when returning home in my nearly new car after a visit to the vet with our cat, the aforementioned animal decided to empty its bladder on the carseat. I knew from experience that it was virtually impossible to remove the smell of cats urine and I had visions of climbing into the car on a hot summer's day and being overwhelmed with the odour.

I should now say the smell "was" virtually impossible to remove. After returning home I immediately searched Google for a remedy to my problem and found
I rang and talked to Craig who suggested I pay him a visit immediately so he could have a look. As soon as I arrived he immediately got to work applying his formula for the removal of cat's urine and worked away thoroughly cleaning both the seat and the area immediately around it. The smell entirely disappeared and now, two weeks later, there is still no trace of it which, as far as I am concerned, proves its worth as I have tried other products im the past which temporarily mask the smell but as they wear off the smell returns.

Odarid is the only permanent solution I have found.

Chris Martin
Managing Director
Boston Wardrobes

Old Cat Urine in carpet
Hi there, several months ago I got some of your
cat wee cleaner as we had an old cat and I was sort of preempting the inevitable, however I didn't actually need to use it till now, and it's not the old cat, but our boy as we have a new dog. He started to spray...a lot!Your product truly is a miracle - there is no smell at all after I've cleaned up. I don't know what I'd have done without it these last couple of weeks. So thank you.

Sept 2008

Severe Cat Urine Contamination
I've tried so many things to get rid of the cat urine smell at my property, Glade, Rug Doctor, Pet Vac Spray, Professional carpet cleaning. None of them work, so I thought what the heck I'll give this guy a call if it doesn't work then nothing will. This man is the leading expert on odours and he definitely knows his stuff with his knowledge, skills (sniffing like a detective) and products, the stubborn cat urine smell that was there for over half a year was now gone I was surprised because NOTHING ELSE WORKED.I thoroughly recommend Craig and recommend the 20 litre bottle for BIG CATS! He has got a customer for life!  Bass (happy landlord)
15th September 2008


A rental property using Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover to remove cat urine smells

The severe contamination pictured in the above feedback. This shows the product in use just
after it was applied. Note the foaming as the product is consuming the uric acid, salt and other residues
found in urine. Bass opted for the fragranced product in this application

Another feedback on our animal care disinfectants and deodorisers
I just want to say we are very happy with Room Fresh and Dog Run Cleaner. Being breeders of dogs, we have a room in our home devoted to and used as a puppy nursery. This room is cleaned several times a day but there was still a doggy smell when you walked in this room. We had tried numerous domestic and commercial product spending countless $$$. There was not one of those products that came close to what Odarid have done for our home. With these two products Room Fresh and Dog Run Cleaner, I can no longer detect any dog smell and my friends have commented that they are surprised that they to can not smell any doggy odours. Our home smells fresh and clean. I'm about to try Mr Orange cos I have confidence in these products which really work. Have recommended Odarid to all my friends. We love this stuff and you will too!
Paula and Graeme
YNOTMY kennels


I had originally bought the 2L container to give out to some of my customers as needed, but have found that I am going through it like wildfire myself, between having a couple of spraying cats in the cattery-I cant help doing the spray test to see if I am right in my suspicions-and my own new little dog who is supposed to be learning about housetraining.
The stuff is Brilliant, and incidentally, I have found it does amazing things with the smelly sports shoes-and boy, what a foam that produced!

I am also trialing the orange cleaner, and it is working really well-I am impressed how well it works as a spray and wipe on the old stainless steel benches.

Cheers Sonja.
Creature Comforts Cattery

Don't wait any longer . Grab yourself a bottle of Odarid and keep it in the cupboard ready for that unexpected accident. To order Odarid click here now

Urine Smell Tips

Dousing urine accidents with soda water, vinegar, water, baking soda, disinfectants, or any other well intended treatment will lead to future odour problems. The components are not completely eliminated and will keep developing under the carpet forming uric acid and salt crystals which will remain for the years to come and create residual odour issues. At that stage you have some real problems and when ever the room warms up, the crystals expand and out comes that lovely odour. We see these types of issues daily. You will also spread the contamination by adding water to the urine
Save yourself the annoyance of lingering odours, and the expense of having restoration work done on your carpets...... by treating pet urine accidents with Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover.

Treat the urine accident soon after it occurs and have total peace of mind that the urine will be neutralised in just 30 seconds ...... we guarantee it.
Odarid NZ Ltd........Your one stop shop for odour control, and cleaning products

  Urine Odour Removal

We at Odarid NZ Ltd have the know-how and solutions to eliminate your cat urine odour or sanitising problems. We are specialists in cat and dog urine and our experience includes eliminating odours from vehicles and rental cars. At Odarid NZ Ltd we not only specialise in cat urine but we also have ozone generators/treatments and have a retail product range that covers specialist animal care disinfectantsurine neutralisers,  septic tank/long drop odour neutralisers (natural and 100% non toxic) and carpet stain removers. We manufacture and use everything we make in the field - so rest assured these products are tried and tested. We would welcome your enquiry, no job too big or small. Check out Stripey below (Chief Marketing Expert and Fish taster)

OUR 100% water tight guarantee

Stripey of Odarid NZ Ltd

Hi Stripey here I want to reassure you that you can buy with complete confidence from us. We are straight up kind of dudes and if you are not happy with the way our products perform we will scratch the living daylights out of you. No seriously folks we will happily refund you. So please buy with confidence. Our company has been trading since 2004 dealing in cat and dog urine smells with many thousands of satisfied customers each year. We are very proud of our company and our service record. But please get our name right.
We commonly get called odorid or oderid when in fact we are Odarid.

You have nothing to lose by purchasing any of our wonderful product range of cat urine smell removers and we would welcome your business or enquiry



Untreated cat and dog urine as it gets older develops uric acid and common salt crystals that are very hard to dissolve and reactivate when subjected to heat or humidity for many years to come. They expand and release that foul cat pee urine odour that all of us know and hate. Odorid as we get called form time to time will fix this issue with urine smells. The only solution is to thoroughly soak the affected area with Odarid (ideally) to get rid of cat urine when it first happens . This way you will have no build up and the crystals will not have a chance to form. Pour the cat urine remover product onto the affected area area making certain that you have covered the area completely and with enough volume to soak through the carpet and into the floor beneath. An added benefit is stain removal - this product effectively removes animal stains from most flooring materials. Odarid eliminates the residual bacteria and the rock hard crystals by dissolving them. Some applications will require several treatments. The product is widely used in boarding kennels

How do I get rid of  cat or dog urine odours. To find out how instantly and effectively in carpets and rugs click here

How to i get rid of pet odours in my carpet. Click here for a solution

Cat Urine Remover Tips

* To neutralise cat urine smells you need to douse the affected area ensuring the product penetrates deep into the substrate. Severe cat urine that has aged may require several applications. The sectret is to give it  agood application and not just a spray onto of the carpet.

To remove poo odours from carpet click here for a product that works instantly and leaves a chemical in the carpet to continually work on any residues of the faeces or contaminants
To remove old pet urine odours from rugs click here

Suitable for doggy day care and dog kennels

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