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****New advanced formulation****

New Zealands leading NZ made cat and dog urine smell remover

How do you completely remove cat or dog pee odours and stains from your carpet, furniture, concrete, vehicle, entrance way - instantly, and effortlessly?... no fuss and no hire machines required. No matter how old the urine is.....
Announcing a product acclaimed as one of the best discoveries in recent decades...

Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover
Available with fragrance or without fragrance



Here are 6 reasons you should buy ODARID

1. Odarid contains the latest cutting edge technology combined with micro emulsion technology to completely destroy cat urine and dog urine

2. Odarid is NZ made, unique, highly effective and used by some of New Zealands toughest animal breeders and carpet cleaners

3. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on Odarid which means you can buy with complete confidence.

4. Our product is easy to use. Just pour it on and walk away. It's that easy. It works on pet don't

5. Odarid foams when it contacts urine, feaces, rotten milk, smelly proteins, and any organic contamination. This makes it easy to find the source of your odour

6. Odarid is environmentally friendly, non toxic, biodegradable, and 100% effective.

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