Frequently Asked Questions

Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover:

NZ's No 1 Pet Urine Odour Removal Product:

NZ's No 1 Pet Urine Odour Remover and Urine Neutraliser

Q. What is the product for? 

A. The product is designed to neutralise old and new pet urine odour and residues in carpet, concrete, tiles, hedging and furniture. It will also remove the odours and stains caused by  wine, coffee, blood, faeces, vomit, and food spills.

Q. How do I use the product 

A. We recommend you remove the waste residues first then give the area a heavy application using a spray bottle or just pour it on. Then just leave the product to dry or use towels to extract the residues

Q: Does the product remove stains?

A. Yes it is designed for removing stains and odours. It will also do blood stains, water marks and coffee.

Q: Will it neutralise urine? 

A. It will neutalise urine both old and new in carpet and furniture . The product has a secret ingredient that is designed to eat uric acid and salt. (The cause of odour in old cat pee). It neutralises all components of urine no matter how new or old.

Q: Is the product fragranced? 

A: There is a choice of fragrance free or fragranced with a light floral smell. Its very pleasant and not too strong. 

Q: Do I need to spot test first? 

 A. Yes. We recommend you spot test all articles before use.

Manufacturer comment... Our product will not stain carpet or furniture in their natural form ie untreated by other cleaning chemicals however we take no responsibility for what may have been applied to the carpet before hand, and for how our product may react with it. Always spot test the affected area first 

Q: Can I use this product as a general purpose cleaner?

A: You could use the product as a RTU spray cleaner,as it does have surfactants in it which would ensure good cleaning abilities. You can dilute it with water for floor cleaning and cage cleaning at 100 mills into a bucket of warm water.


Q: How do I know its working?

A: You will have no smell remaining and if the urine or contamination you are treating is old the product will foam. Once it has stopped foaming the product has finished working.

Note if you have applied other product prior or the urine is still new it may not foam as it is reacting to bacteria formed.

Q: I am treating old cat urine. How many applications will the product require?

A: Generally two heavy applications are required for old cat urine. Apply a heavy application and once it has stopped foaming apply another application if any smell remains. This will ensure all odour causing residues are completely destroyed with the chemicals

Q: Can I use this on my lawn and box hedge? 

A: Yes but not on delicate plants

Q: Is this product safe for my baby to crawl over or my dog to walk on after it is applied? 

A: Once the product has dried it is fine. Once dry, and only then can your baby crawl and play on the treated area. 

Q: Can I spray the product directly onto the litter in the litter box? 

A: Yes you can do this although our concern would be that a cats paw could be sensitive to this product if the litter was soaked in it constantly. 

Q. Does Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover eliminate stains? 

A: Yes it will . If it does not try our Last Resort Carpet Cleaner

Q:Can i use on fake grass?

A: Yes you can but wait until dried out before the pet goes back on it