What Our Clients think

From Shaun 10/6/23 on the Odarid Dog Shampoo

dogs have a nice shiny soft coat from using your dog shampoo thank you heaps, fast shipping highly recommended to all

From Sam 2/6/23 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Just a email to say thank you thank you thankyou !!! Bought your product for cat pee smell in carpet at home tried so many products that didn’t even help waste of money until I tried Odarid this week and amazing!! No more cat pee smell

From Renee 16/03/23  on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

I know you already have heaps of amazing testimonials but I wanted to thank you so very much for your product.My house has new carpet and I’m very fussy – it has now been through several dog’s accidents and house training a puppy with your product and it is the only way to go.

I now have a new puppy and pre-prepared as I knew Odarid was the only product that worked perfectly in every way for the long-term! 

I am extremely grateful – you have saved me a lot of stress, anxiety, time and money which makes me a much better pet parent…thanks so much.

From George 8/10/22 on the Odarid Dog Shampoo

Amazing stuff,I have tried 4 different products all claiming soothing and reduced itching that simply did not work, my German Shepard would scratch herself silly. She has a skin complaint that I am trying to solve however this shampoo has helped her a lot. Definitely soothing with virtually no scratching for many days after her bath, previous shampoos had her scratching straight after a bath. She is a long haired dog and go through the shampoo.Thank you and impressed with your other products.

From Michael  22/11/21  on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Second time using this product, it is as simple to use as described and JUST WORKS. This is the best thing on the market AAA+++


From Monique 22/11/21  on the Jamie's Dog Spritzer 500ml For Great Smelling Dogs 

I have never found a spray that actually works this has actually stopped the smell of dog altogether awesome will be ordering again

From Terri  20/10/21  on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

I just wanted to say your product is AMAZING. 
My cat has idiopathic urinary cystitis which is very hard on her bladder and leaves the carpets quite grubby and a tad smelly. 
We've purchased multiple cleaners, stain removers and professional cleaning services over the last few months to get our very light cream/beige carpets back to normal after my cats episodes and nothing has worked.... until now!

From Kathy 07/07/21  on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Odarid is liquid gold. We’ve struggling for years with cat urine in our house due to our lovely cat. Odarid is literally the ONLY product that has worked 100% in eliminating all traces of the smell. Highly recommended to anyone battling cat pee. Thank you so much


From Bronwyn 13/01/21  on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

I got your 500ml pet stain and odour remover last week, it's the bombdiggerty! It totally does what you say it does so thank you. 


From Thad 20/11/20 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

I’m writing regarding my recent purchase of a "Pet Stain & Odour Remover 5 Litre Fragranced”.

The product works really well. We had an anxious cat that would urinate all over the place. We tried professional cleaners but they didn’t work, and we also used various enzyme cleaners and “Nature’s Miracle” products, all to no avail. After a lot of money spent, we thought we just had to put up with it or get the carpet replaced. Thankfully, I kept searching online and found Odarid. I gave it a try as a last resort and it has worked so well the smell is pretty much gone!


From Theresa 29/9/20 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover 

I purchased the Odarid,  fragranced pet stain and odour remover about a month ago. Very fast delivery, and I am so pleased with the result. I had tried different products, but couldn't get rid of the cat urine or staining in my conservatory. This product has worked wonders.


From Patricia 8/6/20 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover 

I used every product on the market to eliminate the smell of cat urine on one of our new carpets,

I was just about to have the carpet replaced, I bought your product as the last thing to try, bingo

I was surprised. We are able to save the carpet.

a huge saving.


From Lauren Kavanagh 26/11/19 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover 

I wish I had known about your product sooner, this absolutely 100% works! and I’m so happy as was going to have to replace the carpet. I tried CSI Urine which only masked the smell for about a day, I used Naturals Miracle which didn’t work and had a money back guarantee so I took it back to Animates and now found yours  and finally no stinky smells lingering

From Philippa 12/9/2019 on the  Urinemaster Plus

Kia ora,

We have been purchasing your 'human' Odarid for some months now. We have a disabled child who has frequent accidents on the carpet and we had tried many other products on the market. They would all mask the smell for a week or so, and then the fragrance would fade and we'd realize the pee odour was still there underneath it all. Her bedroom carpet smelled so strongly of urine our eyes would water when we walked in, and the carpet was constantly sodden with carpet shampooing it over and over again. The shampooing didn't help anyway! Your product is the first that actual does what it says and neutralizes the odour so it is gone for good. It is now our go-to product and it works perfectly every time. You have saved our sanity!


From Paul 4/07/19 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover 

An excellent quick purchase. Fantastic product that I recommend to all pet owners. Thank you.


From Lesley & Geoffrey Haigh 26/01/19on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

My beautiful cat decided not to use his litter box and do his pee on our bed. I had recently purchased a new expensive bed and had a mattress protector on it.  I had washed the mattress protector and hadn't put it back on the bed. You guessed, two very large yellow stains on the new super king sized mattress. This was a predominantly  white mattress so his stinky yellow stains were more than evident.

I did a bit of research and found Odarid, read the testamonials and thought what have I got to loose, except an insurance claim and purchasing a new mattress that was valued at over $2,500.  

This product is a MARVEL, not only has it totally removed the yellow marking, there is no odour at all. I did this three days ago and am still drying the mattress in the sun. I didn't just spray on Odarid I actually poured the product over the stain as I figures that I needed to penetrate the mattress as much as he pee would have done.

Thank you Odarid, you have saved me an insurance claim. Not only would there have been an excess but I would have had to have the mattress assessed they would have tried to clean it and it would have taken more time that I wanted to spend.

Great Product and many thanks


From S Morris 23/11/2018  on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover 

Oh my gosh!!! Your product is beyond incredible. Arrived an hour ago and already used up the bottle. The brown lifts so quickly! I’d scrubbed with so many things and the smell and stain wouldn’t go. Squirted with odarid and 20 mins later like different carpet, it’s old grotty carpet too so that makes it extra amazing


From Nicky 20/8/2018

Many thanks,  product arrived today safe and sound.
I have to say your product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It’s a godsend.
Thank you.


From Bridget  28/6/2018 on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

The Pet stain product  arrived and I can honestly say it has been miraculous. We had one particular rug commercially cleaned twice without the stains coming out. Your product worked immediately. Incredible. Thank you.


From Chris B 24/4/2018 on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Heard good things about your product so thought I’d give it a go, I am amazed at how good it is! Had a very  difficult dog to toilet train and started to worry about my house smelling. After using your product I can put my nose right to the carpet and smell nothing! More people need to know about your magic product!
All the best for the future selling of this product. I know I will be buying again and recommending to anyone that will listen.

From Susie Q 7/2/2018 on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

This stuff is the best ever wanted to try it before I did feedback absolutely works on dog urine I clean up first then spray smell gone Thanku so much

From Leanne 29/1/2018 on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Wow wow and wow great stuff, awesome!

From Emma 29/11/2017 on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Thank you so much for bringing Odarid into my life. We purchased a house from cat owners and for a year and a half I have felt embarrassed about the awful smell that comes out at times. I had tried many products with no luck. Once we decided to rip up the flooring I asked online and was recommended Odarid. It has changed my life! Not only is the black light hunt addictive, watching it foam is so satisfying! After all this time our house is finally smelling fresh and we are able to give our 5 month old a more pleasant home to grow up in. I will sing your praises everywhere I go!

From Lori 13/11/2017 on  the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Wow this Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover is the best product I have ever used. I have been a vet nurse for 15 years and this is the ONLY product that I have found that actually works and takes away the smell! Very grateful - will be purchasing this product again! 

From Kim W. 4/6/2017 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Hi Guys

I just had to email you to say firstly thanks so much for the super speedy delivery.To say I'm impressed with the Pet stain odour remover is an understatement!

We have a new puppy that sleeps in our garage. (In a snuggly warm crate fyi) We have potty training pads out for her to use during the night but of course she has had the odd accident. We had been cleaning it up and using the good old "white vinegar and baking soda" to keep it clean and fresh but it just wasn't cutting it. Then I found you online.....I used it for the first time this afternoon and I become slightly obsessed with the foaming action so started spraying that stuff everywhere looking for a "hit" lol!

Smell gone! BOOM! This stuff is amazing. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for saving our garage floor


From Adam 25/5/2017 on the Odarid Dog Shampoo

second lot of shampoo from these guys, we love it very good product. super easy sale thanks. 

From Stacey 24/5/2017 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

Excellent purchase, highly recommend, product is awesome, will be ordering more, thanks

From Alli 10/5/2017 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover
Bellazure Ragdolls

I'm looking forward to receiving it !!! Best product EVER!!

From Lee Roberts 16/2/17

From Vanessa 20/4/2017 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

awesome fast easy delivery! Love odarid - its really works

From Ngaire 5/4/2017 on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

For anyone looking for that product that ACTUALLY gets dog urine stains out of your carpet.. You have to try ODARID! Fantastic stuff, has literally taken all stains out.. cant believe it.. i tried so so many things spending hundreds of dollars on carpet cleaner.. THIS STUFF WORKS! Wonderful trade, thanks very much.. I WILL be back :)

(Pet Stain & Odour Remover)

From Mishal 2/03/2017

Outstanding sale! I think this product is amazing. Absolutely stress free & very effective. Highly recommended - A+++++

(Pet Stain & Odour Remover)

From Lunar14 26/1/2017

Excellent seller, super fast to post and very friendly, i was amazed the product did exactly as it said it would and the cat urine smell has completely gone from my car,thank you for the little extras you added in it was a lovely bonus AAA+++

(Pet Stain & Odour Remover)


From Kerri 19/1/2017

hi :) just brought your product today to get rid of cat pee odour. My god it truly does work thank you. your onto a winner there :)

(Pet Stain & Odour Remover)

Hi Ian

I just want to tell you how impressed I am with the carpet products, I had some old yellow stains on the carpet which had been there for a long time (years !!!), I had used many different products on them and cleaned with a carpet cleaner several times, now and again one of my dogs would re-pee on it. Stains have pretty much gone now with your products - I never thought that I would be able to get rid of them, also the naughty dog hasn't yet re-peed on the area.
So thank you so much and I will definitely recommend to anyone who will listen to me.
I know a professional carpet cleaning person and he told me that I would not be able to get rid of the stains, well I will be telling him different !!
Just dropping you a line to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I received the Odarid on Friday,  and used it "neat" on the old cat wee (each corner of the room in question). It started foaming immediately - a large area as you had mentioned the carpet cleaner had obviously spread the wee. I went in the next day to check and no smell!!! 
I am so thrilled, and relieved that this product has worked so bloody fast, and does what it says it will do! A huge relief for me as I have a new tenant moving in soon and they house just reeked of cat wee.
Thanks :-)
Tracey Exeter
28Aprl 2015

Odarid NZ Ltd commenced operations in 2002. Since that time we have helped many 1000's of clients with their odour issues and here are just a few of the testimonials from the hundreds we have on file.

"I recently left my car window down and had the misfortune to have a stray cat urinate on the passenger’s carpet and foot mat. The smell was unbearable and I used ODARID on the carpet and the foot mat. The smell has completely gone and there is no remaining odour which is a real bonus." Kevin, North Shore Auckland NZ May 2005


"I had a problem with the neighbour’s cats coming through our cat door and urinating up against our walls in the laundry. I found it impossible to remove the smell from the grout on the tiled floor and have tried other products, which just seemed to mask the smell and not get rid of it.. ODARID removed the smell totally and was cheaper than my other product." Jeanette, Pakuranga Auckland NZ July 2007


"I had a rather large red stain on the carpet in my daughters room where she had been sick going back 6 months. We tried anything and everything to get it out. Craig's amazing stain remover LAST RESORT removed it within 30mins,it's completely gone like it was never there. I would recommend these products to everyone and most certainly will be spreading the word on just how great these products are." Anne - Thu Jul 7 19:11:05 2005


Hi guys - thanks for sending me some of your odarid product recently - I have never found anything so fantastic! We have a granny dog with arthritis and a leakage problem and this product takes the smell out of the carpet no problem - over summer we were fine as we could leave windows and doors open but with the cooler weather approaching we had to shut everything and the smell was driving us out of the room - we have tried all sorts of products and home remedies and nothing was working. Odarid has allowed us to sleep with no urine smell in the air!!! Carla Gini Te Awamutu Feb 2007


Cat Urine In Car Seat Having had experience with the enduring aroma of cat urine in our previous house, and the many failed attempts at trying to eradicate it completely using various products that claim success in this area, I was more than a little upset when returning home in my nearly new car after a visit to the vet with our cat, the aforementioned animal decided to empty its bladder on the carseat. I knew from experience that it was virtually impossible to remove the smell of cats urine and I had visions of climbing into the car on a hot summer's day and being overwhelmed with the odour. I should now say the smell "was" virtually impossible to remove. After returning home I immediately searched Google for a remedy to my problem and found www.odarid.co.nz I rang and talked to Craig who suggested I pay him a visit immediately so he could have a look. As soon as I arrived he immediately got to work applying his formula for the removal of cat's urine and worked away thoroughly cleaning both the seat and the area immediately around it. The smell entirely disappeared and now, two weeks later, there is still no trace of it which, as far as I am concerned, proves its worth as I have tried other products im the past which temporarily mask the smell but as they wear off the smell returns. Odarid is the only permanent solution I have found. Chris Martin Auckland Managing Director Boston Wardrobes www.bostonwardrobes.co.nz


This testimony is long overdue.... We have a bad cat with a really big attitude problem. She is well known to the vets for this behavior. We love her but we have been battling her urinating for nearly 8 years. We have tried alot of the odarid product line and it has been awesome to us. We are in a rental and this product has saved from getting kicked out many times because of her. We once had a stain that we thought we would not ever get rid of but after treating it with Odarid the stain is gone. I have had good experiences with the products room fresh, last resort, the carpet cleaner and disinfectant. Finally I would like to say that the service I have received has been brilliant and I have learned alot of things from Craig. Thank You! The Williams Family CHCH --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The product arrived sooner than expected, and is great value for money if u compare to the expensive useless products they show on infomercials. I would recommend this product to all pet owners and I will be a lifetime customer. Jessie Tauranga June 2007 "A specialist in his field, not afraid to sniff out the cause of odours & get rid of them, by treating it with his special formulas and chemicals/potions. We highly recommend this man, his service and products." Challenge Cleaning Ltd. Auckland L. Leauga - Director


We had a shipping container that when returned from the client had considerable mould and odour issues. Odarid NZ Ltd were able to clean the container and remove the odour effectively and conveniently and this allowed us to put the container back into stock ready for sale or hire. We are very happy with the work carried out, the price and the staff who did the job. Sarah Brown Auckland Manager Box Man Shipping Containers 347 Neilsen Street Penrose New Zealand Phone: +64 9 634 0660 Fax: +64 9 634 3033 www.boxman.co.nz


I purchased ODARID at the pet expo in Auckland and use it for spraying the dogs sleeping areas. It knocks back the smell very efficiently and leaves a fresh crisp smell in the room. It’s a great product. Bernard. Wanganui NZ


I'd just purchased the new townhouse in Chch and was planning to rent it out as an investment property, when the neighbours' cat decided to put a stop to that. I phoned the local Chch seller, (John White) met him that day, purchased the odarid sprayed the garage and the living room and the smell disappeared. I did respray the product a second time, being more careful about my coverage than the first time. It worked a treat First time I have ever given a 10 out of 10 rating on a product. Thanks guys a great relief. ODARID Daniel Button Christchurch 9th May 2007


Odarid is the only product we use due to it working very fast, no masking fragrances and it is easy to get hold off. I throughly recommend it Liz Woodward Upper hutt Wellington Dear Craig, Just to say that we are very pleased with your product. So far, I have only used a couple of applications of the old urine product to our tiled porch area and there is a great reduction in the smell. Over time this should continue to the prove as the product keeps on working. We haven't had any recent visits from our neighbouring tom cat but when he comes back, we will be prepared with the cat pee neutralizer. Thanks a lot for your personal assistance. Kind regards, Jan Scaddan July 2008 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is an email, sent via Saturday 04th of April 2009 09:00:47 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig is the man! We had cat pee on the back seat of the car. We tried supermarket formulas & airing outside for about a month. Nothing worked....until....we found ODARID through google! We rang Craig\'s mob on the Sat am & he said we could bring it over straight away. His enthusiasm & friendliness were encouraging, and within 15 minutes, he had treated and cleaned our whole back seat! YOU ROCK CRAIG!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Definitely recommend his products to everyone and anyone! Brittany & Vai, Pakuranga, April 09 www.odarid.co.nz Testimonial form:


We called Craig out to treat cat urine in our living room. My partner and myself could smell it when the room was warm but could not find the actual area producing the smell. Craig found the spot in minutes and treated it. The smell has completely gone straight away and he was even able to remove some stains while he was there caused by vomit. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to friends and family. Ian Auckland February 2008


I had the misfortunate experience of forgetting about a bottle of milk I bought and it was left on the backseat of the car. Two weeks later I discovered my error when the smell of the now leaking bottle of SOUR MILK nearly knocked me over when I opened the door. I googled a solution and it wasn\'t looking positive (some suggestions involved selling the car!) and that was when I decided to give Odarid a go as I already had a bottle at home (5 cats) which had been extremely successful on pee odours. Looking up your website it was decided that there was nothing to lose and within minutes the smell had been hit and with a second application after three months I have had NO return of the smell. Fantastic! I can\'t recommend it enough, everyone should have a stash even if you don\'t have pets. I have just reordered a 5 litre container, I am never going to be without it. I also have the Last Resort carpet cleaner which has worked on terrible yellow stains I had from a puppy experience. As soon as the spray dried it was clear the yellowing had totally gone. I am now about to try it on a fish tank leak stain that made the carpet brown. Thanks Craig for your fabulous products, it has made my house a home again and I really appreciate it.

Vicki Frewn Auckland Jan 2009