Stray cat urine odor removal

This video shows Odarid Pet stain and Odour remover product hard at work removing the smell from stray cat urine. The cat came in through our cat trap door and has sprayed in the hallway, doorway, and on the tiles.  He/she ate all the food in our cats bowl and then attacked them just for good measure! No manners!!

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The difficulty with stray cats is they normally spray (if they are males) which makes finding the location of the stench very difficult as there is not alot of urine to start with coupled with the fact that stray cat urine and spray seems to be 10 times stronger than domestic cats . Blue lights can help locate it but as shown on my video the urine has soaked into the tile grout and was not visible by blue light or the naked eye. The best idea is to mix up some product and then spray it around. Wait 5 mins then look for foaming. Pls note new urine will not foam until it is oxidised by the air