How to remove smoke odour from a vehicle

As at January 2012 we are no longer providing this service and all removal work should be directed to Professional Restoration Services in Auckland on 09 4780999

Cigarette smoke in a vehicle can be a very challenging thing to remove. If you are looking at buying a car my advice is dont buy it if the vehicle has strong cigarette smoke smells as to eliminate the smoke odour can be expensive. The removal also depends alot on the intensity of the contamination i.e one person smoking 5 cigaretes a day for a period of 3 months versus one person smoking 40 per day and over a period of 5 years with the windows up. Obviously the later  may be a permanent contamination and no matter how much ozone or cleaning is carried out the odour still remains.

Many imported cars contain smokers residues and the stink of cigarette smoke can be masked by the seller for a short time. The heat is what usually brings out cigarette smells out and the odour re-emerges when heat is applied to the car at a later date. i.e sitting in the sun for a period of time with the windows closed.

The smell no matter how many times you clean the upholstery and flooring still lingers and is annoying to the breathing system of a non smoker due to the toxic cigarette residues that are very difficult to remove

Pregnant women and people with sensitive noses in particular seem to suffer the most in a smokers car due to the toxic residues that remain in the ceiling, and fabrics

Tips for buying a car and how to avoid one with smoke contamination.
1. Check for any change in colour around the sun visor above the drivers seat. Fold it down and compare colours on the roof. If there is a ring where the sun visor normally rests,a  colour difference, and the car smells of cigartee smoke then it may well be a serious contamination.

2. Check the ashtray for odour. If it is strong and looks like it has been cleaned then you know it was used alot by a heavy smoker potentially.

3. Smell the vehicle manual in the glovebox for smoke odour. Sometimes the dealers forget to remove them or clean or mask the glovebox.

4. Smell the roof lining. Take a deep intake with your nose pushed hard up against the fabric. If you can feel smoke odour or a little tickle in the back of your throat  then you have potentially a serious contamination


Residues from cigarette smoke

This is the residues extracted  from the ceiling of the vehicle

At Odarid NZ we have treated many hundreds of smoke damaged vehicles over the years. The price can vary between $150 and $1000 depending on the level of contamination. We alwasy do our best but there are cars on the odd occassion that are too far gone to bring back and the cost of doing so is not feesible.

We use a range of treatments depending on the level of contamination.

As at January 2012 we are no longer providing this service and all removal work should be directed to Professional Restoration Services in Auckland on 09 4890999

One treatment is to use just ozone gas to reduce the cigarette smoke odour from a vehicle and this can be effective. The ozone treatments can be combined with a specialist cleaning system developed by Odarid NZ Ltd where we inject a chemical into the ceiling and seats plus floors and extract it out several times with a machine to remove the contaminants.

Ozone will help break down the residual chemicals found in smoke contaminations and help remove the odour as well.

Please contact Professional Restoration to arrange a ozoning of your vehicle to remove the smoke odour