How do I remove pet urine odours from dog runs and kennels?

Severe Cat Urine Odour Removal
Urine smells and odours in dog runs and kennels are affected by the condition of the concrete. If the concrete is worn and very porous (as found in older facilities) then the urine will soak in and over the years it becomes very challenging to remove the urine smell.

If the concrete is new and finished well then it will still be absorbent but easier to manage.

We recommend the concrete is sealed to ensure the urine does not penetrate regardless of the condition

The Odarid Pet Stain and Odour remover is a good product to use in these challenging areas as it will foam up on contact with urine contamination's and give you an indication of just how serious the situation is. The more foaming indicates how severe the contamination's are.

Severe urine contamination in concrete .

Leave the product on the surface to break down the uric acid and salt residues found in old urine contamination's and once the foaming has stopped then apply more product to assess how much progress you have made. If the foaming continues at the same ratio you know the urine is deep into the concrete and is a severe contamination. Pet Stain and Odour Remover is a great product for this application