How to remove stains from your carpet

Q. Does it work?

A. Yes the product does work and is designed for water marks and urine stains on carpet. Our success rate is very high however there are some stains that the product can not remove due to either heavy soiling (needs a detergent rinse) or other reasons such as the urine has burnt the carpet and has damaged the colour (Generally happens with older animals or animals that don't drink alot of water. Also pet medication can make a urine stain set as with some of the biscuit dyes (generally the cheaper products)


Q. How do I use the product
A. We recommend you use very hot water in a spray pack and add one teaspoon of powder to 125mls of hot water. You then GENTLY MIST the product onto the stain. It should lift the stain straight away.

Q: What stains does the product remove?
A: Last Resort is designed for water marks and urine stains. It has however according to our clients worked on vomit, cordial, hair dye, and soft drink stains.

Q: I have treated my stain but their is a strong smell one week later?
A: You only need 1 teaspoon of powder into 125mls of hot water. You have used too much powder or soaked the area with the product. This will lead to a strong smell however it will fade over time. DO NOT SOAK THE CARPET AND DO NOT USE MORE POWDER THAN DIRECTED.

Q: Do I use the product before or after Odarid?
A: It should be used after you have applied Odarid and when the carpet has dried if any staining remains.

Q: Do I need to spot test first?
A: Yes. We recommend you spot test all articles before use. Carpet in particular may have been treated prior with harsh and damaging chemicals and as these chemicals remain in the carpet, they could potentially react with other cleaners applied.

Q: I have a brownish water mark in my carpet after using Odarid What can I do?
A: This is referred to as Browning in the industry and is a phenomenon in which after the carpet or rug is cleaned and has dried, the fiber tips turn dark. This generally only happens with older carpet that has jute backing. Jute backing has several major problems, such as the potential for browning and rotting. Last Resort Carpet Stain Remover will generally remove these types of stains.

Q:Can I use this product as a general purpose cleaner
A: No the product is designed for a specific application and not a general purpose cleaner.

Q:Can I use this on sisal carpet.
A: No it will slightly bleach out sisal . Sisal unfortunately is the most difficult carpet to keep clean and to clean. It is also very hard to remove stains from due to the natural fibres being susceptible to staining when treated.

Q: Is this product safe for my baby to crawl over or my dog to walk on after it is applied?
A: No. Let it dry first. If you have used the product as per the instructions it will dry very quickly.

Q: Does Last Resort remove odours?
A: No it is gently misted onto the carpet for stains only. Use Odarid urine Neutraliser for odour removal.

Q: Is the product toxic?
A: No. Only the fumes of the powder when mixed with water it produces strong fumes. DO NOT BREATHE IN THE SPRAY OR THE FUMES.

Q: Is this product a dangerous good?
A: No it is not. It is classified as hazardous because the fumes are strong Q. Where can I buy Odarid products?

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