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Pet Drying Towel Microfibre 50 x 70cm

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I'm 100% premium microfibre (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) I'm also a super large cloth measuring 50cm x 70cm to maximise my usage around the car, office and all your cleaning spaces.

The Super towel is made from 2 separate weaves that we have found to be the best for a number cleaning tasks; high quality coral weave on one side which allows for maximum water absorption, up to 8 times its weight!
With an XM Terry weave on the other side for high quality polishing and detailing, the Super towel can be trusted to speed up the cleaning job anywhere you need it to perform.

Whether it’s cleaning the car or the café this towel can do it all, & with just water !
Gym use, Car grooming
Dish Towel, both drying and dish mat
Keep it in the glove box for spills
High polish cloth for smooth surfaces, benches, stainless steel

Window washing, super absorbent
Pet drying towel