How does Odarid remove urine stains and odours

Odarid is designed to eat uric acid and salt found in urine accidents. The product recommended is Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover

Cat urine contains 3 main components that need to be neutralised correctly to avoid cat urine odor from forming
Odarid Pet Stain and Odour Remover is designed for old urine stains in carpet and to stop urine stains before they start. Also to neutralise cat and dog urine to prevent odours forming. Odarid is a very versatile product

If you have a room with cat or dog urine odour try spraying some Odarid in there and then look for white foaming.

The white foaming indicates urine contaminations and this is the area you need to douse with the product.

Used professionally throughout New Zealand and recommended by New Zealands leading carpet cleaners

You can buy online safely and efficiently and get next day delivery from our distributors spread throughout the country

This is a severe case but shows how the product works on the cat urine without damaging the carpet

Dog Urine Dogs can be a our very best friends and give a lot of love over a lifetime. I cannot imagine life with out having dogs around We can play with them, talk with them and there many more are the benefits of having a pet dog at home. However........ there are things that we do not like about dogs and the main issue is dog urine. A dogs urine can be a real problem and end up damaging the relationship with its owner due to the dog urine smell. It is a bit difficult to train a dog to use the toilet or ask it not to pee or urinate on your best shoes however we can take some steps to ensure our dog is not urinating in bad places by giving the animal lots of love and outtime! . We cannot avoid this and if it does, we have to know what things we should do. They will probably urinate on our carpets, floors, furniture like sofas, beds, you name it. They will sure to urinate there. It is a risk we have to take when we decide on getting dogs. However dog urine is very challenging to clean up and accordingly odour issues caused by dog urine will be gin to build up. The very first thing we have to do is to calm down. If we get angry with our dog and shout at him or her it will make the situation worse We have to understand that they are dogs and not humans They do not know anything about the proper ways to pee and they have no idea the frustration their dog urine causes us That is why we have no choice at first but to deal with it. If we see a surface that has been urinated on, we have to clean the dog urine up immediately. If we still wait, then the smell on the material will be very hard to get rid of. We need to get the cleaners immediately and clean it right away. The best thing we do is to train our dogs to urinate in a litter tray for the dog urine and make sure they have time outside regularly. Keep the litter tray clean at all times and ensure you have plenty of dog urine smell remover in the cupboard ready for those accidents It can take time, but once we trained them, we will no longer clean any urine.