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UrineMaster Plus Fragranced - For Professional Use With Extraction Machines

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What does the professional carpet care industry use to remove urine odours from carpet and furniture?

UrineMaster Plus.

UrineMaster Plus is cutting edge in urine and odour removal and smashes uric acid and salt residues in urine contaminations.

Proven in the market place now since 2008 as the most effective urine treatment system,Urine Master Plus contains a well thought out blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants plus a blend of oxidising solvents and organic compounds designed to smash urine and then leave gentle proprietory chemicals in the carpet to keep working on any remaining residues.

Urine Master Plus is lightly scented with a gentle, soothing fragrance and is highly effective.

 It can also be used as a carpet cleaner and deodoriser by diluting the product at 250-1 with water

The Odarid brand has been proven in the carpet care industry now since 2003 with our famous mix up kits for removing urine residues from carpet and furniture. We have helped many carpet cleaners over this time with urine contaminations. We are now proud to offer our latest product (released September 2008) that contains proprietory chemicals for smashing urine components, and odour as well as excellent cleaners. The product can be left in the carpet i.e sprayed straight on and left or for severe contaminations or used to break down urine residues before extraction

Our specifically designed formulation suits the aged care and carpet care industry and is proving to be very popular and with many repeat orders and very positive feedback. We know our valued clients are happy with its performance. We use it ourselves in the field and the many hundreds of hours that have gone into testing  leads us to believe that we have the best product on the planet.

No need to mix up any more our new product contains

How to use urine Master Plus


New urine

Douse affected area with a diluted Odarid (5 parts of water to one part of Urine Master Plus) and leave to soak for 5 minutes. Extract out and finish with a warm water extraction

Stain Removal

Blood: Douse area and leave for 5 minutes. Extract out. Repeat process if required.

Coffee: As above

Wine:  As Above

Urine : As above

Instructions for Use.

Old urine.


Douse the area with diluted Odarid Urine Master Plus and leave for 5 minutes. Note the foaming. The more foam there is the older the urine contamination is.

2. Extract out. After extraction apply a small amount of product in the middle of the contamination and check for foaming. If the product foams, repeat the process until foaming is minimal then spray a heavy application on contamination and leave in carpet. You will not get foaming on new urine contaminations and one extraction is sufficient


Remove solids

3. Douse with Odarid Urine Master Plus and extract after 3 minutes
Note the foaming as the product east the residues

4. Clean the surrounding carpet and you are good to go

Our versatile product is available now and stocks are good so don't delay. Try Odarid today